"The secret to feeling good lies in helping others!"
Derika Faamausili
   "Stress is something that can really kill a person! I'm not only referring to our physical bodies but our inner light. Our souls, stress dims our light from within. With a dim light, people are more like zombies and are consumed with issues, drama, and are just toxic beings. Definitely not pleasant to be around. I have suffered from PTSD and I was not aware of the severity. I thought it was just stress, I said to myself "Not a big deal, I'll smoke a couple of more cigarettes, get a few more massages, go see my chiropractor and things will improve." They have greatly, however eventually I came to a plateau. I needed more help with healing my inner-self. My subconscious, My mind! People tend to deal with stress differently. In the end, everyone is either trying to find closure, stillness, peace and happiness. I feel blessed that Derika is my Life coach! 
  She has helped me tremendously. She's empowered me with different tools to help release my fears, doubts, and anxiety issues. From breathing techniques to positive self-talk etc.All of a sudden the negative blocks that have weighed on me for years don't seem as big. I no longer want to have my problems shackle and hold me down. My journey has evolved to another direction. My soul compass has become even more clear. Another affirmation, We are here on this earth to help and change people's lives for the better. I am filled with more hope and have a better outlook on life itself. I want to vibrate on highest frequency and become the Best Me!"

Mr. P, Sacramento, CA
   "As of January 2014 I became a small business owner. If I wanted my business to even have a chance at thriving my unorganized behaviors needed to end. I focused all of myself into building my investment, but it wasn't enough. Then I was blessed by a referral to Derika. After just the first session my life, almost unbelievably, changed completely. One session and I started experiencing true happiness and self-acceptance. My cognition, memory, and attention span improved exponentially. My self destructive behaviors came to a screeching halt. As a doubtless result, my business has improved as well! With every session I've had with Derika, I improve all the more. I cannot recommend her enough"

A. Pritchard, Sacramento
   "I have been a client of Wholesome Hypnotherapy for about six months. I initially signed up for a holistic approach to an unusual health ailment, but ended up focusing more on stress management. I began the hypnotherapy sessions once a month, and was very skeptical when I first started. The sessions have been very effective to date. I have also utilized her new hypnosis session tape that has recently become available on the website for relaxation, hypnosis prior to sleep. In between sessions, I have also been able to take information gathered from our meetings to make changes within my daily lifestyle. These healthier choices have made a direct, strong positive impact on my outlook re: health and my daily life as a whole. I now have family visiting Wholesome Healthcare as a result of the positive impacts the sessions have made for me. Therefore, I would definitely recommend Derika for holistic health support!"

Sophia G., Rocklin, CA
   "Derika is an extremely compassionate and very knowledgeable woman. My sessions with Derika kept me from completely falling apart and losing control over my life at an overwhelmingly difficult time. I have Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. After a recent heartbreaking and life altering experience, things quickly started coming apart for me. The anxiety I was experiencing was robbing me of my health and affecting every aspect of my life. I couldn't eat. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't think clearly. I couldn't function. I cried constantly. I dropped college classes. I was in a constant state of panic. I feared that I would lose everything that was important in my life if I could not get my anxiety under control.
    Derika has a natural ability to put a person at ease and when she combines that with her knowledge of holistic health-care, the soul is quickly soothed. She provides a thoughtful and comprehensive plan for treatment. After each session I was calm and able to sleep, which allowed me to start taking care of the things in my life that were being affected by anxiety and panic. She also taught me techniques to use at home that were invaluable. I don't know how I would have made it through my personally debilitating experience without the sessions I had with Derika. She was a lifeboat when my ship was sinking. I cannot thank her enough."

M. A. Boles, Sacramento
     "When I was introduced to Wholesome Hypnotherapy I was a depressed old woman, regretting everything I have ever done. When I was awake I would say, “somebody wake me up when this is over." Today I'm a 50 year old beautiful young woman without a curfew! The world is my playground and I have accomplished all that I desired in a very short time. I'm excited to see what's next! Each session was powerful, relaxing and full of the Aha moments! Mrs. Faamausili I thank you for guiding me to my unlimited potential of complete happiness!"

K. Bennett, Sacramento
   "A little over 2 years ago I started sessions with Derika for stress. She taught me different techniques and helped me overcome obstacles. A couple of months ago I was feeling down and just not feeling myself so I decided it was time for a reboot. I contacted the amazing Derika and right away she had me in for my first session, again. After a couple of weeks I felt amazing and then we decided it was time for the weight loss program. I've struggled with weight my whole life and the up and down roller coaster of it. Today, I'm becoming more and more confident with my body, eating organic foods, exercising on a daily basis, which I couldn't get myself to do before, and dropping inches like I've never seen before. The best part is I have an amazing woman who is teaching me how the mind and body work together so I can stick with it and keep on with this lifestyle. I've never felt more powerful and amazing in my life and all thanks to Derika and her beautiful work."

Makaela M., Elk Grove, CA
    "First let me say Derika was meant to do this work, she is the most amazing person with the utmost loving energy that I've ever met in my life! I did a 7 session program that has changed my life immensely for the better, the healthier. Each session was such a beautiful, life changing experience. I’ve learned to be in tuned with my mind, body and soul which has given me boundless healing within. I came to WHCS to overcome two battles that I had struggled with since I was a child. Once we finished I not only accomplished my goal I also gained awareness and confidence in other areas of my life. I highly recommend Wholesome HealthCare Sacramento for anyone feeling lost in life, this IS the answer! As long as you have an open mind and are willing to change, Derika will lead you through your own personal spiritual journey."

M. Pablo, Sacramento
   "Have you ever had days where everything felt like it was spiraling out of control? This time last year, I was spiraling almost everyday. Some days had numerous little spirals and others felt like one giant spiral. For years I just thought that was the way of life. I knew everyone had a struggle and mine was just a little bumpier. I became accustomed to daily struggles; in fact, I even expected them. Little did I know; this type of mindset was part of the problem. I began everyday with negative thoughts and worries already on my mind. Thanks to the tools Derika has given me, I begin everyday with positivity and an open mind. She helped me break the barriers that I unknowingly created. Not only did Derika break the barriers but she also helped me heal them.
I knew the type of work Derika did when we first met, but I was a little skeptical. Only till I had spiraled so bad that I had broken into tears and was on the brink of depression, did I finally reach out to Dericka. Since that day, everything has progressed beyond any of my expectations. I could have never comprehended all the improvements and positivity that have come to my life.
Pre-Derika, I had absolutely no direction in life. I was stuck in an endless routine of mediocrity. This only became clear once I began to see the potential in life. Everyday does not have to consist of overcoming struggles; rather, it is about taking-on challenges with excitement and enthusiasm. I find myself constantly reflecting and appreciating every moment and experience. Now when I see a “barrier” I approach them with excitement, because I now have the ability to turn them into an opportunity. Now, when I reflect on my past frustrations, I just smile. Within the first 2 months of seeing Derika, I was able to direct myself to the brand new career (that I would have never pursued but now love), create an even stronger bond with my loved ones, gain awareness of my inner strength, and changed my habits to truly treat my body like a temple. And right when you thought life could not get any better; the positivity Derika inspired in me became infectious. My family, friends, and significant other could all see and feel the positive developments in me, and this inspired a change within them. She has changed my entire life exponentially. Derika has given me tools (or gifts) so I never spiral out of control again."

Melody Alcantara, Sacramento
  "Such a gifted healer! I feel so fortunate to have found Derika this year. She has an amazing gift and has brought much comfort, clarity and compassion to me during our few sessions together. I have more confidence in my ability to handle life's challenges - big and small - because of work I've done with Derika. I highly recommend her services - and she gives great hugs too!"

Kristen F., Davis,CA
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